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A Few Words on Slot Machines Comparing online slots and casino slots, online slots give away bigger prizes because of the reduced expenses of setting up a virtual slot machine.The slot machines will not be forced to give pay out just because you have inserted several coins already. Slot Machine Strategies - How to Play Slot... |… Slots are the easiest games in the casino to play -- spin the reels and take your chances. Players have no control over what combinations will show up orStill, there are some pitfalls. It's important to read the glass and learn what type of machine it is. The three major types of reel-spinning slots are the... 32 Slot machine Synonyms - Other Words for Slot machine

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Detailed Synonyms for slot machine in English. slot machine: slot machine [the ~] noun. the slot machine. the slot machine; the fruit machine; the one-armed bandit. slot machine [the ~] noun. fruit machine [the ~] noun. one-armed bandit [the ~] noun. the slot machine – a machine that is operated by the insertion of a coin in a slot 1. SLOT MACHINE - crossword answers, clues, definition ... Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for SLOT MACHINE. We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word slot machine will help you to finish your crossword today. We've arranged the synonyms in length order so that they are easier to find.

a small slit (as for inserting a coin or depositing mail) 1 he put a quarter in the slot 1; a slot machine that is used for gambling 1. they spend hours and hours just playing the slots 1

Apr 12, 2006 ... Las Vegas is constantly tinkering with its slot machines, which .... The concept of networked slot machines is undergoing a different kind of test ... Components of the Slot Machine - Casino News Daily In this guide we are going to talk about the key slot machine components and how to ... with progressive slot machines, you will find them covered in another article. ... Regardless of its more specific name, by hitting this button, you will bet the ... How do Slot Machines Work - Casino Cruise In other words, for every $1 that you wager, you will win back $0.92 or $0.96 in the long-term – the rest will be won by the casino. And so it is with slot machine ... Slot machines: a lose lose situation | Society | The Guardian Jun 8, 2013 ... Once seen as a harmless diversion, hi-tech slot machines now bring in more money ... and their players become addicted three times faster than other gamblers. ... In the words of Bill Friedman, a legendary Las Vegas casino ...

Variance is really just another word for “risk” or the “volatility” of a slot machine. In a nutshell, slot machines can be judged as being high variance, low variance, ...

Slot Synonyms, Slot Antonyms | The plate burped and a slip dropped out of the slot below it. For a moment she paused irresolute; then she dropped the coin in the slot. Bill Joseph is the luckiest man that ever tapped a slot machine. The blade lies in a slot and is held tight by the tapered ferrule. He had therefore to be content with observation through the slot. Slot Machine Synonyms & Antonyms |