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Emacs Python mode has changed quite a bit between Emacs 23 and 24. There is no configuration that would allow you to do what you want.But, Emacs is quite flexible and you can advise the (python-indent-context) function to make it return a different result that will lead to the behavior you want. In emacs Python mode, how do I set a different auto-fill width… tags python emacs docstring pep8 autoformatting. I would like to have auto-fill set to 79 columns for code sections and 72 for docstrings to get automatic PEP8 compliance. There seems to be an option to do this for Lisp mode ( emacs-lisp-docstring-fill-column) but not for Python. syntax highlighting docstring emacs

In the old days, when Emacs did not have a package manager and did not ... Emacs) determines which of the following 3 forms the symbol in the first slot is, ..... The optional third argument DOCSTRING specifies the documentation string for ...

cl-annot | Quickdocs required embeds :initarg SLOT-NAME and :initform (annot.slot:required-argument SLOT-NAME) into SLOT-Specifier so that MAKE-Instance will raise errors when no argument for the slot given. Transient User and Developer Manual For such suffixes unbound means "do exit but allow going back", which is the default, while nil means "do exit permanently", which requires that slot to be explicitly set to that value.

branch: dynamic-modules-rc2 commit ae901ddbfff04e8b1b0d63c452a6ca3f4c81fb17 Author: Aurélien Aptel Commit: Ted Zlatanov Add ...

It makes it easier to take a functioning desktop and slot in a window manager, .... I 'm using spacemacs right now and am not well-versed in emacs lisp, but somewhat eager to try exwm. .... And Lua doesn't have docstrings. .emacs | JURTA (set-char-table-extra-slot standard-display-table 4 (vector dot dot dot)) ... screen space, my Emacs frame covers the entire screen ;; and has no menus, no toolbars, no ...... and bug report in emacs-pretest-bug ;; Subject: bad doc string for  ... Cython Changelog — Cython 3.0a0 documentation --no-docstrings option added to cythonize script. Original patch by .... (Github issue #2230); Overriding cpdef methods did not work in Python subclasses with slots. ..... (Github issue #1797); Problem with indirect Emacs buffers in cython- mode.

What’s New in Emacs 24.3 Installation Changes in Emacs 24.3. ... Incompatible Lisp Changes in Emacs 24.3. Docstrings starting with * no longer indicate user options. ... The PSECS slot is new, and uses picosecond resolution. It can be. accessed via the new timer--psecs accessor.

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