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Blog O'Stuff: Marlin Camp 45 Tips In the past I've written about my Marlin Camp 45. This a very fun, reliable, and accurate little rifle. Although Marlin discontinued them around 2000 or 2001, they remain popular and prices have gone up quite a bit in the past few years. If you see a Camp 45 in good condition for under $500 get it ... Marlin Camp 9/45 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) BJB MARLIN CAMP-45/9mm Recoil Buffer [115 / BJB CMP45/9] : BlackJack Buffers LLC * Replacement Recoil Springs: Many folks consider the factory recoil springs to be much too light for these rifles. The most common recommendation is to use a 16# spring for the Model 9 and the 21# spring for the Model 45.

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Marlin Camp 9 ...everything you need to know about it. - Semi ... Marlin Camp 9 ...everything you need to know about it. - posted in Semi-Auto [Rifles]: For those that just got their Marlin Camp 9 from Vic at Volko here is what I have learned about the rifle since owning one:Having had a Camp 9 for a while, I have collected a bunch of info and links about the rifle, its history, and maintenance. marlin camp 9 for sale on GunsAmerica. Buy a marlin camp 9 o...

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Marlin Camp 9 | Mississippi Gun Owners - Community for ... Well traded here about a week ago for a Camp 9 carbine. Typical of the Camp 9's the buffer was pretty much disintegrated, and the hammer strut bridge was broke. So I tracked down a hammer strut bridge, and a buffer, and went ahead and ordered a wolfe 16,5# recoil spring to replace the factory one that runs about 11#s. Marlin camp 9 replacement stock -

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Marlin Camp 9. (modified) Pristine Marlin Camp 9. Replaced the Buffer with a Blackjack Buffer assembly. Replaced the recoil spring with a 11# SS spring. Bushnell Trophy red/green T-dot CQB sight. 500 lumen GG barrel mounted, instant on light/strobe. Extended magazines. Etc. Any Gun interest here? Marlin 9mm Camp Carbine questions | Springfield XD Forum BJB MARLIN CAMP-45/9mm Recoil~Buffer [115 / BJB CMP45/9] : BlackJack Buffers LLC The Camp 9 can be a bit tricky to disasemble and reasemble for cleaning so this step by step with photos will help and it has a lot of good info on this rifle. The material you are seeing is very likely a deteriorated buffer. campgun