Swtor where to find augmentation slot component

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Schematic source. The schematic used to create Augmentation Kit MK-1 can be obtained from Armormech, Armstech, and Synthweaving Crew Skill trainers once a character has attained a rating of 1 or more in any of the three Crew Skills. Primary articles: Armormech/Trainers, Armstech/Trainers, Synthweaving/Trainers.

How to make these augment slot components! : swtor An important distinction is the MK levels; augmentation slots MK-1 can only be used on low level gear, and these slots scale all the way up to 55. For example, all high level gear requires an augmentation slot MK-9 to insert new augments. So to clarify, the how to get 'Augmentation Slot Component MK-10' ? : swtor How do i get 'Augmentation Slot Component MK-10' ? According to an old thread "The only way to get these is by Reverse Engineering Premium (Green) quality items from crafted items" -- is that is still the case and if so what is the best item to Augmentation Slot Component MK-10 - Item | TORCommunity Item View for Augmentation Slot Component MK-10 Category: Crafting Material, SubCategory: Miscellaneous SWTOR Pre-Downloader [enMale] => Used in the creation

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How to Get 2nd Wystone Slots. Intel 440BX [10] Snake eyes slot machine - Game Mechanics & Features Linear broaching to cut corners into a drilled hole similar to the action of a mortising machine for woodworking has also been used less commonly over the decades. It is also shown that some experiments' powers such as Mr. Swtor Augment Slot Crafting - Used in the creation of

Jul 07, 2013 · Reviving an old thread but, does anyone know what the level tiers are for each mk slot component? So far I've seen items level 9 and 13 gave me an mk-1 and a level 23 gave me an mk-3. How can I tell what mk slot component I'm going to get when I reverse engineer a part?

Swtor Where to Find Augmentation Slot Component

SWTOR Slots. The augment slots are where you can add/fix your augments to your item. All the items do not have augment slots, so you cannot place any augments to increase their stats. Slots in ...

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